Strong brands inspire joy of life

Our focus is to inspire joy of life for the end-users, their families and care givers – and all other parties involved in the process of offering our products to the end-user. With our strong brands: Netti, Meyra and TA we offer innovative and reliable products that optimize the activities of daily living for the end-user enabling them to be more mobile, participate in daily life activities and secure or even improve health conditions.

Netti multi-functional wheelchairs

Netti offers high-quality wheelchairs for long time seating. Many configuration and adjustment possibilities make it possible to adjust the wheelchair to the user. Netti also offers the patented dynamic solutions.

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Meyra E-power wheelchairs

Every Meyra power wheelchair distinguishes itself with well-engineered features and diverse adjustment options. They are compact - and extremely versatile both indoors and outdoors.

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Meyra active wheelchairs

Active wheelchairs from Meyra can be adjusted to changes in function and individual needs. The more precise the adjustment to a users' body measurements, impairment and desired handling, the more active the user can be.

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TA power wheelchairs

TA offers a groundbreaking series of power wheelchairs with low seat height and a unique suspension on all wheels, providing extremely smooth and sprung driving and unsurpassed driving characteristics.

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